ECE undergraduate students must take the national Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam prior to graduation.

You must take the exam no more than one semester prior to the semester you will graduate; therefore, you need to take the exam either the last semester or the next-to-last semester of your degree program.

While it is not necessary to PASS the exam, it IS necessary to act with integrity by making a full and complete effort to do so. It is also to your professional advantage to be able to put "passed FE Exam" on your job applications. The FE exam is also a required first step if you choose to seek a Professional Engineer license in the future.

FE Exam Administration

  • The FE Exam is taken on a computer, but ONLY at a Pearson Vue Test Center – MSU currently is a Pearson Vue Test site with 10 stations in the MSU library basement, Room 19, (other test centers are in Helena, Billings, Missoula, etc.)
  • The MSU Test Center will be open Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
  • The exam is now available year-round.
  • You can retake the exam up to 3 times in a 12 month period.

Registering for the Exam

There are two requirements for FE exam registration: enroll in the placeholder class EGEN 488 (0 cr.) for the semester you will take the exam, and enroll with the national exam authorization organization (NCEES).

  • Register any time with NCEES, up to one year in advance, for an exam appointment during the scheduled windows at any testing center.
  • You will choose a test center and schedule a time when you register
  • Cost will be $225.00, paid to NCEES at the time you register
  • For more information and registration go to:  
  • Remember, you must also be registered for EGEN 488 the same semester you take the exam, and you can take the FE Exam (and EGEN 488) one of your last two semesters only.
If you take the FE during:
You should register for EGEN 488:
Jan-May Spring semester
June-December Fall semester

Exam Format

  • The computer-based FE Exam takes approximately 6 hours - 110 questions - with a scheduled 25 minute break in the middle (based on completion, not time) 7 free standing exams: Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines.
  • Please sign up for the appropriate exam: all ECE students must sign up for the "Electrical and Computer" exam.
  • Only certain calculators are allowed for the FE Exam! Please review the list at , and get an acceptable calculator so that you can practice using it in advance. No kidding--practice with the exam calculator is important!
  • You must take a copy of the results notification to the COE Dean’s Office, Roberts 212, as your proof of having taken the exam to earn your passing grade in EGEN 488.
  • Exam results will be available within 7-10 days after the test is taken.

Ready to sign up?

You will not be able to graduate if you do not follow the proper FE and EGEN 488 procedures. Don't let this happen to you!!

Questions: ECE Department, 610 Cobleigh Hall, 994-2505. Office hours: 8AM-noon and 1PM-5PM.