In this document, incoming, qualified freshmen formalize an agreement between themselves and Montana State University-Bozeman which commits both parties to a process which will enable the students to complete their undergraduate work in eight semesters (some students may need to attend Summer Sessions to meet this schedule).

Student Commitments

Students who participate in the Graduation Guarantee Program agree to do the following:

  1. Take all applicable placement examinations (e.g., English, mathematics, etc.) and earn placement in college-level courses in these areas prior to the beginning of their first- semester classes. The colleges of Business and Engineering require their majors to achieve specific math scores.
  2. Meet with their academic advisors at least once every semester to ensure that the courses they select will meet all program requirements (major, college, and university) within their contract periods.
  3. Enroll in classes each semester at their assigned registration times. (Students may need to adjust their preferred schedules to take courses they need when they are offered, and they should plan to declare their majors prior to earning 45 credits.)
  4. Complete the average number of credits necessary each academic year to meet the minimum credit requirements for graduation. (Students may need to attend Summer Session to achieve the necessary rate of progress.)
  5. Maintain the grade point averages required by the University and particular majors. (Students must earn grades sufficient to allow them to enroll in the next level of required courses in order not to repeat courses and thereby lose time.)

University Commitments

Montana State University-Bozeman will provide the students who participate in the Graduation Guarantee Program:

  1. Specific, informed advisors to assist students in developing their academic programs and selecting appropriate courses.
  2. Timely access to the courses students must take to meet degree requirements under the provisions of the Graduation Guarantee Program.
  3. Interruption of the program clock for students who must withdraw from the University because of serious health or family problems.
  4. Payment of post-program (i.e., beyond eight semesters) incidental and mandatory fees until the participating students have completed their advisor-approved courses of study, if the students have met all the other conditions of the program.
  5. Appeals process to resolve disputes between participating students and the University. (The Admission and Graduation Requirements Board will hear these appeals. If the Board finds the University to be at fault, appropriate actions will include waiving course requirements, authorizing tuition payments and waiving fees, or a combination as deemed appropriate.)

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