• 2-18-2014

    Website Update

    The website has now been updated to include some more content! Right now you can go to the gallery and check out over 10 more videos, showcasing the sub moving around in the water in its current state. These videos are now being routed through youtube so compatibility issues are no more! (As long as you can watch youtube on your device) Along with the new videos, we have some more pictures which show off the construction of the new sub. Finally, a progress tab has been added, so you can see what our goals are for the rest of the semester, and how we are coming along to achieve those goals. Pictures, videos, and the progress tab will be updated as new content is available. Enjoy!

  • 2-10-2014

    Overcoming Hardships

    We are back from a nice break and have settled into our new class schedules. With that we are hard at work getting the new sub built and getting the old one in working condition such that we can test our new code. We ran into a ton of problems with the old sub, including bad batteries and even a fried motherboard due to a leaky seal. We have bounced back and gotten everything working as we'd every hoped, and are diving deep into coding. On the ME side, the new sub is taking shape. They ran into some delays with limited machines to create our parts, as well as the retailer for our aluminium sending us too much material, leading to much longer milling times. These setbacks have only pushed us back slightly, and we should be able to make up ground going forward, and meet our deadlines as we previously expected. The website is also getting a large content patch with new pictures, videos, and progress updates, so stay tuned for that!

  • 12-2-2013

    Back from Thanksgiving and back to work!

    After a very relaxing break for our team, we are presented with dead week and finals week. For us this means getting the final touches put into our report as well as finishing up the website. This is a large task and is taking the collaborative effort of everyone on the team to pull of quality work. If all goes well this week then we should be set up to purchase the materials for building the new sub next semester and then enjoy a nice winter break off. We are looking forward to seeing what next semester will bring, and how awesome we can make this sub in our remaining time on the project!

  • 11-20-2013

    Lots of problems, but we've fixed most of them!

    Throughout the last few weeks we have been feverishly testing the sub under many different conditions. Each test seems to uncover some issue we had not seen previously which needed to be addressed before we could continue to test the sub for the things we wanted to. At this point we had the problem with the IMU, our Ardunio, and some water leakage. All of these have been addressed and are currently back up and working such that our tests can continue on track with the tests we want to perform. Programming of the different missions is our next big task along with finalizing and gathering parts for the new version of the sub. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

  • 11-05-2013

    Critical Subsystem Review

    Our Critical Subsystem Review is right around the corner and the team is very confident in the amount, as well as the quality of work that has been accomplished to this point. In the review we will be showing off our new electrical wiring system, which takes the rats nest of wiring from before and reorganizes it, and gives it less connections (less points of failure and noise). We are also going to show off the mockup of our new external frame, as well as a possible new torpedo firing system. We are all very excited to show off our progress.

  • 10-30-2013

    Update of Project to this point!

    Hey everyone! The project is underway, and though this site is still a work in progress, we can still give updates on how we are progressing. We started the year with disecting the previous year's submarine, and documenting everything that we need to progress. Since then we have tested the sub in the school pool and completely revamped the wiring for the electrical system. We are continually learning how to work with the code on the sub and trying to improve the organization of everything associated with the sub. We have another wet test coming up soon in order to test the IMU and the pressure sensors, so stay tuned for results from that test.