Project Introduction

Progress Updated 12/01/2014

The purpose of this capstone project is to interface an off the shelf 4-20mA sensor with Geoforce’s satellite transmitters. In order to fulfill the requirements set by Geoforce’s clients, our device will need to have extremely small power requirements. It will have to last for 5 years in the field without needing maintenance or recharging. In addition, it must cost less than $50 to assemble in quantity and resemble the size of Geoforce’s current transmitters.

This entire project is to be completed within a two semester period. The first semester period will focus on research and design, and the second semester will focus on the build phase. Overall, our device will be broken into three components; all three of which can be completed simultaneously. These are the power supply and step up converter, the sensor filter and amplifier, and the digital conversion and transmitter interface.

Assembled PCB