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Congratulations ECE Graduates, Spring 2023!

Shannon Hamp, Montana Society of Engineers Gold Medal recipient, posing with Dean Brett Gunnink and her research mentor, Prof. Joseph Shaw.  Congratulations, Shannon!

Shannon Hamp with Gold Medal Award

Some of our graduates and faculty members in Asbjornson Hall after the May 12, 2023 graduation ceremony.

Smiling graduates posing in Asbjornson Hall.

Spring 2023 Special Recognition Awards


  • MSU Alumni Association 2023 Award for Excellence: Shannon Hamp (Dr. Joseph Shaw, mentor)
  • ECE 2023 Outstanding Sophomore:  David Jensen
  • ECE 2023 Outstanding Junior:  Lucas Ritzdorf
  • ECE 2023 Outstanding Senior:  Shannon Hamp
  • MSU College of Engineering Gold Medal Award:  Shannon Hamp
  • ECE 2023 Donald A. Pierre Graduate Student Paper Awards
    • (To be determined)

Faculty and Staff

  • MSU 2023 Spring Founder's Day Faculty Awards
    • Prof. Anja Kunze received the Cox Faculty Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching
    • Prof. Rob Maher received the Provost's Award for Exemplary Service and Fidelity to the Public Land Grant Mission of MSU
    • Prof. Brock LaMeres received the VPR Award for Meritorious Technology/Science
  • College of Engineering 2023 Research Award:  Prof. Anja Kunze

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Capstone Design Projects

Congratulations to all of the student teams for their hard work and accomplishments!

capstone team members capstone team members capstone team members
capstone team members capstone team members capstone team members
capstone team members capstone team members capstone team members
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capstone team members capstone team members capstone team members
capstone team members


Congratulations Spring 2022 ECE Graduates!

Congratulations to all of our ECE graduates for 2022!  Best wishes for the next steps in your adventuresome careers!  Here are a few students who gathered in Norm Asbjornson Hall after the commencement ceremony on Friday, May 13, 2022.

Photo of ECE graduates at reception.


Spring 2022 Special Recognition Awards


  • MSU Alumni Association 2022 Award for Excellence: Geneva Feist (Dr. Andy Lingley, mentor)
  • ECE 2022 Outstanding Sophomore:  Dylan Maxwell
  • ECE 2022 Outstanding Junior:  Shannon Hamp
  • ECE 2022 Outstanding Senior:  Geneva Feist
  • ECE 2022 Donald A. Pierre Graduate Student Paper Awards
    • Journal Paper category:  Erica Venkatesulu, "Measuring the spectral response of a division-of-focal-plane polarization imager using a gratingmonochromator," Applied Optics 61(9), 2364-2370, doi:10.1364/AO.454801 (March 2022).
    • Conference Paper category: Connor Beck, "Archetypal Analysis for Neuronal Clique Detection in Low-rate Calcium Fluorescence Imaging," IEEE 44th International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (2022).
    • Conference Paper category:  Kaveen Liyanage, "Feature Analysis in Satellite Image Classification Using LC-KSVD and Frozen Dictionary Learning," 2022 Intermountain Engineering, Technology, and Computing Conference (2022).

Faculty and Staff

  • MSU 2022 Spring Faculty Awards
    • Prof. Jim Becker received the James and Mary Ross Provost's Award for Excellence
    • Prof. Rob Maher received the President's Excellence in Teaching Award
    • Prof. Brad Whitaker received the Phi Kappa Phi Anna K. Fridley Award
  • College of Engineering 2022 Outreach Award:  Prof. Brock LaMeres
  • College of Engineering 2022 Teaching Award:  Prof. Brad Whitaker
  • College of Engineering 2022 Professional Employee Award for Excellence:  Dr. Andy Lingley

Spring 2021 Special Recognition Awards Announced May 2021


  • MSU Alumni Association 2021 Award for Excellence: Joey Aist (Prof. Bradley Whitaker, mentor)
  • ECE 2021 Outstanding Sophomore:  Shannon Hamp 
  • ECE 2021 Outstanding Junior: Geneva Feist
  • ECE 2021 Outstanding Senior:  JD Siegmund

Faculty and Staff

  • At the MSU 2021 Spring Convocation
    • Prof. David Dickensheets received the Wiley Award for Meritorious Research
  • College of Engineering 2021 Lloyd Berg Faculty Mentorship Award:  Prof. Joe Shaw

Spring 2020 Special Recognition Awards Announced May 2020


  • MSU Alumni Association 2020 Award for Excellence: Clarissa DeLeon (Prof. Joe Shaw, mentor)
  • MSU Alumni Assocation 2020 Award for Excellence: Matthew Blunt (Prof. Rob Maher, mentor)
  • ECE 2020 Outstanding Sophomore: Geneva Feist
  • ECE 2020 Outstanding Junior:Andrew Kirby and Joey Aist
  • ECE 2020 Outstanding Senior:  Matthew Blunt

Faculty and Staff

  • At the MSU 2020 Spring Convocation
    • Prof. Brock LaMeres received the Fox Faculty Award
    • Prof. Rob Maher received the MSU Phi Kappa Phi Anna K. Fridley Award
    • Prof. Joe Shaw received the MSU Provost's Award for Graduate Research/Creativity Mentoring
  • College of Engineering 2020 Outstanding Advising Award:  Prof. Rob Maher
  • College of Engineering 2020 Distinguished Professor Award: Prof. Joe Shaw

Women in Engineering Dinner 2020

MSU's Women in Engineering Dinner was held in the SUB Ballroom on Friday, March 6, 2020. The evening began with an alumni/student mixer in Inspiration Hall. This year's keynote speaker was Dr. Aline Cotel, the Arthur F. Thurnau Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, who is co-founder of the Women Water Nexus, which promotes water treatment research and technology in developing countries.

students at the WIE dinner, 2020    

Spring 2020 Awards For Excellence

Forty of Montana State University’s top seniors and their faculty and staff mentors were recognized February 18, 2020 at the annual Awards for Excellence event. This year two students from ECE were recognized:  Clarissa DeLeon (mentor: Prof. Joe Shaw) and Matthew Blunt (mentor: Prof. Rob Maher) Congratulations!

Prof. Joseph Shaw and student Clarissa DeLeon     Student Matthew Blunt and Prof. Rob Maher

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