The prequalification of March 1st is set in stone and is our group's main focus. This requires us to send a video from the sub's perspective as it navigates through the pool, thus affirming it is operational. From there, competition-specific strategies and features will be added. If we are to meet the prequalification requirement without setbacks, the following features to the sub will be designed and added:

  • Capability 1: Hydrophones - some tasks in the competition include locating objects that emit signals. An additional feature to more efficiently locate these items would be the use of hydrophones to detect the signals and factor the input into the sub's navigation.
  • Capability 2: Torpedoes - there are some tasks that require the sub to fire torpedoes at targets. Considerations for this part of the competition include a pneumatics system and accounting for the mass of the torpedoes.
  • Capability 3: Arm - the arm from the previous year's sub is still fully operational and will be implemented onto the sub for the competition.
  • Capability 4: Wireless - the sub currently implements a virtual router in the motherboard to maintain wireless connection, however, this connection can be strengthened and optimized for more efficient communication.

The sub will be competing in the AUVSI Robosub competition, but until the level one requirements and more critical tasks are completed, additional points and tasks are considerations for after the prequalification is met.