The Montana State University AUVSI Robosub team has participated in the Robosub competition for many years and has had several senior capstone teams composed of various electrical, computer, and mechanical engineers. Each year seeks to improve the sub with newly designed or simply improved features, ensuring the next years' team can further develop the project and produce better and better iterations of the MSU sub. Last year's team was tasked with a complete redesign with the purpose of laying the groundwork for future club and capstone team members. However, the sub has since fallen into poor condition and is in need of repairs. To put the sub in working order, our capstone team is currently initiating a design plan to improve, and in some cases, redesign these critical sections of the sub. Our end goal is to present an operational robosub optimized for future development and performance in the AUVSI Robosub competitions.


Our redesign prioritizes long term, iterative improvements to build upon previous years' design and allow future teams to further develop the sub. This year, in order to meet these ends, we have split the sub into multiple parts to improve and adapt. These sub-components include the power supply, the processing unit, the bulkhead, the battery containment, the electronics rack, and the frame. Though these have proven to be operational in past competition years, the current submarine is far too inefficient and cumbersome to simply improve a focused scope. New parts are necessary to replace older parts; some sections require redesigns to ensure proper operation.

Sponsor Information

Aaron Darnton | NAVSEA Keyport


Alex Read | NAVSEA Keyport


Advisor Information

Dr. Jim Becker | College of Engineering

Dr. Becker is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. He is the project advisor for the AUVSI Robosub capstone team. 

Office: Cobleigh 535
Tel: (406) 994-5988